Sten Palmer





Year of Birth


Marital Status

Not Married                                                                                                                                




Chief Engineer



Years with Firm






Proposed Position
on Team

Project Manager/Team Leader/Hydropower Engineer



Years of Experience


Key Qualifications

For 37 years involved in the of planning and structural design various Swedish power plants, mainly nuclear and hydropower.


Experienced Project Manager and Team Leader for International and Swedish Hydropower and various Industrial Projects. Worked on a wide number of projects in a variety of countries in five continents.


Expertise knowledge in design of nuclear waste repositories and the related deep rock cavern designs.


Expert knowledge in dynamic and static analysis of complicated large concrete structures enduring dynamic earthquake load and/or internal thermal stresses from concrete hydration. Experienced in design of subsurface and above ground located plants.


Extensive experience from hydropower and dam projects in Vietnam from assignments as Project Manager and/or Team Leader for various projects from 1996 an onwards. From January 2002 to June 2004 employed on a full time basis for Vietnamese projects and resident in Vietnam.


Thirty years of experience as Project Manager and Team Leader for feasibility studies and structural design of numerous hydro­power projects worldwide.


Management experience as Vice President and head of the department for construction and design at Vattenfall HydroPower AB, member firm of SwedPower/Vattenfall. The position included administration and co-ordination of SwedPower’s Advanced International Training Programme for Hydropower Development.


Appointed chartered inspector for dam safety inspec­tions by the Swedish Dam Safety Commis­sion.


Experienced Contractual Inspector and supervisor for various large industrial projects in Sweden.




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